Privateer Press Warmachine/Hordes Mercenary/Minion character solo Lanyssa Ryssl, Nyss Sorceress

what a lovely model :D i wanted to try different types of black, namely green blacks. i tihnk i pulled it off quite well :D

Lanyssa, hopefully, should offer my ret some needed speed bonuses and anti-stealth shenanigans :D also she looks real cool next to my leafy green and gold elves.


Privateer Press Warmachine Mercenaries unit Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters

they are finally done. they have been on my desk for years! i had to brush off a layer, or two, of dust. i hastily finished them and they are at a decent tabletop quality. i have never used them in a proper fight neither. i only have a minimum unit, so their effectiveness is rather lessened. however, i am not going to get more.

the models are nice, but painting them the scheme i chose was a pain. i was really uninterested. however, i am a fan of the nyss and that is what drove to complete them.

at least my retribution have some allies to call upon :D


Made me a house! well, Butcher moved in though. i dont go there anymore.

Privateer Press Warmachine Retribution of Scyrah light myrmidon Griffon

[i had a long write up about this, but internet decide to have a hissy fit and thus lost it all…]

the griffon. it is a cool looking myrmidon in a simplistic kind of way. the paint job here was simple, just bronze, drybrushed to gold. the idea was to offer the army contrast as the army is green with gold. so having a gold with green myrmidons, it makes everything just… sparkle :D

i also used some vallejo still water effect stuff. it was my first try, and i stuffed up. but that’s how we learn :D . future use: dont have too much stuff in the ‘water’, as it clogs up the gel stuff; add colour to the water effect, although use ink as paint seems to… separate…; and lastly, seal the area better… too much leakage last time.

hope you enjoy! :D


Privateer Press Warmachine Khador solo Manhuntress (manhunter variant)

I was going to wait until later to post this one as i just finished it. but i got impatient now y’all get to have it! :D

when i built this model, she looked boring. like, why is she in that pose? so i raided my bitz box and found a dire troll head. yes, i thought, this will do.

i did nothing to the head, other than use a slice of hot glue and the tip of the hot glue gun to make stringy muscle gore bits and thick blood (on the axes). it looked sweet, but then i thought, i could totally use my new water effect to have a deep pool of blood! lesson: do not mix paint with the water effect, the pigment does not dilute. thing the paint down with medium first or use ink.

so i had to repair it. but it still turned out sweet. in fact, the hot glue neck muscles cane through the water effect, making it look grosser!

in the end, this model was simple to paint and assemble. i used a number of shades of brown (all washed in GW brown wash), the flesh is my normal recipe (khardic flesh with vallajo flesh wash then highlights of midland then ryn flesh) and the blood is black, sanguine base and red. lastly, the troll head is blue with a turquoise wash then glue glaze. i like simple models, because you can focus on  the other aspects: like character.

hope you guys like this one, i sure do! :D


My first flames of war battle! :D my cossaks and t-34’s met German resistance at the crossroads.

the T-34s drove up the road with infantry along the farmlands.

i lost the battle. my tanks went over the hedges along the road to scare away some infantry, but it resualted in 3/5 tanks to get stuck, exposing their flanks to german amrour. the infantry, armed with anti-tank weapons, took them out without issue.

my mortars didnot have the firepower to dislodge infantry dug in, my right flank if infantry got cut up by panzers (or tigers, i forget). and my centre infantry held firm entrenched in the town.

it was a lot of fun, and the table/terrain was amazing :D

Plastic Soldiers Company (Flames of War) Soviet Army T-34/76; T-34/85

Flames of War Soviet Army Battalion & Company Command Teams

here are my commanders and kommissars. they get the job done. unless they don’t. then they flee.

the flags are made with paper. i cut a long strip to fold on itself. while gluing it over, i realized i could mold the flags as i wished as when the glue dries, it’ll keep the shape! bonus :D so the flags are glue molded paper cut outs, painted red with yellow hammer and sickle.

the paint scheme was easy. i used Vallayo’s Russian uniform green as a base, mixed PP’s Hellfire into the mix with some PP Gun Corps Brown. dry brushed that over them, added more hellfire. afterwards i cleaned them all up, added browns for belts, creams for straps, blue grey for metals and black for boots (and flesh for flesh…). then washed them in brown wash. lastly i recoloured the helm and blankets (?) or whatever they wear across their front, in Russian green uniform then glazed them with green ink. based them and done! :D i painted them like a one man production line. if i split the labour across 5 people, i could have a team complete every 10 mins i feel lol. :D


edit: woops, there’s a mortar company mixed in there too :D they offer some nice high arced explosives :D

Flames of War Soviet Army Infantry

my first 15mm scale historical army! :D i am in like with the scale and models, they can be as simple or as difficult to paint as you like. i went for simple since i have a lot of infantry. in the photos are the dismounted cossacks. however i use them as regular infantry (mainly because i like the look of these guys).

they are pretty simple, rules-wise. they have rifles and MG’s - nothing that can deal with armour. however the body count gives them a good chance to flush infantry from dug in positions.


hey guys,

I have just finished my summer school exams. that means i rewarded myself by a) not looking at my results, and b) buying some models. :D i have some flames of war, more dystopean legions and some warmachine. given that the first semester is kind to me, i should have some completed shortly :D

stay tuned :D


(also, 145 followers? not bad. not bad at all :D welcome new followers and *hi* to the older ones :D)