Privateer Press Warmachine/Hordes Mercenary/Minion Character solo Dahlia Hallyr &Mercenary/Minion Tatzylwurm character Heavy Warbeast Skarath

i have been eying this model set off for a long time and i have finally gotten it. the serpentine Skarath with its chitin armour drew me to this set, it adds a real nice striking, organic feel to my ret army. and Dahlia? well, whats better than some nice music? her pose is quite nice and goes well with my springtime serene base choice.

the colour scheme was meant to compliment my regular ret green. however instead of the golden browns i used electric blue/teal colours. it feels familiar to my ret army, but different enough to set them apart.

i wanted these minis for my ret army due to Dahlia’s melody ability where she prevents orders from happening with her control range. this is big, especially for infantry heavy units reliant on charges, and orders. Skarath in addition has epic anti-infantry abilities with its cont. corrosion sprays. :D



another Full Thrust battle!

same ships as before (its all i have). i introduced the game to another player yesterday. my opponent played the ESU (light grey) and i played the NSL.

i asked my opponent to prepare by reading the rules (with special note on movement). however he read the wrong movement rules i intended on showing off. see, this game has two different movement rules: cinematic and vector. upon reading both rules, the vector is what hooked me on the game in general. cinematic is like X-Wing, star treck, or any other sci-fi movie or game, where ships move like planes or (seafaring) ships. vector, on the other hand, take into account the lack of gravitational forces and weightlessness. the arrows in the photos above represent the vector in which the ship is drifting. you will notice that most of the arrows do not point in the direction of the ship facing. that is because to manoeuvre in space, there is in fact a lot to take into account. in our game, speed became a real issue (to the point of asking: umm.. how do i stop?).

combat is relatively simple. but simple is good. the standard weapon is the ‘beam’. beams come in ranks, or levels. the number rank represents its max range and how effective it is in optimal range (0-12units). the ESU has excellent beam weapons, boasting rank 2 as their minimum.

long story short, the ESU won. they beat the pants off of the NSL. the ESU frigates caused immense damage and caused me to not underestimate those small vessels again. i also learnt that focus fire into one heavy ship at the expense of all others is a terrible idea.

Here is a recap of my first real intro battle for Full Thrust (with another player).

The fleets are the intro fleets: 1 battlecruiser (BC), 1 heavy cruiser (CH), 2 light cruisers (CL), 2 destroyers (DD), and 2 frigates (FF) (approx. 1200 ‘points’).
key: Mass = total size of fleet; Cost = cost of fleet in million man hours; CPV = Combat Points Value - ‘points’ in game terms).

ESU - Voyenno-Kosmicheskiy Flot
Mass: 420
Cost: 14160 
CPV: 1283

  • Battlecruiser - Zhao Xu
  • Heavy Cruiser - Ilya Muromets
  • Light Cruiser - Dobrynya Nikitch
  • Light Cruiser - Alyosha Popovich
  • Destroyer - Juyin
  • Destroyer - Chakhan Tatar
  • Frigate - Chen Yi
  • Frigate - Rachmaninoff

NSL - Kriegsraumflotte
Mass: 417
Cost: 13950
CPV: 1242

  • Battlecruiser - Marcuse
  • Heavy Cruiser - Rhine
  • Light Cruiser - Rhume
  • Light Cruiser - White Elster
  • Destroyer - Hretha
  • Destroyer - Nott
  • Frigate - Brunhild
  • Frigate - Alberic

I played the NSL, the dark grey fleet, and my opponent played the ESU, the light grey fleet.

We both deployed along the long end of the battle space. Using my orientation, I placed my two heavy hitters, the BC and CH, on my left flank; I scattered my DD’s and a CL along the centre; lastly my FFs and CL made up my right flank. My strategy was to fold up the left flank while picking apart the right flank with my weaker vessels.

My opponent deployed a CH and his two DDs together in formation on my left. On the right, he deployed the BC flanked by FFs. Closer to the BC deployment was his two CLs. My opponent’s flanks are strong, with an equal amount of firepower distributed. This, however, meant that my left flank was by far superior in firepower but my right is considerably lacking.

First turn saw the ships cautiously drifting towards each other. The NSL got the initiative and began to fire upon the ESU CH. Across the board, the NSL laid down a steady stream of fire, damaging the CH, some DDs and a FF. The ESU was unable to match the firepower, but still managed to damage some CLs and the BC.

Round two continued to see the ships drift closer into better firing ranges. The NSL veered rightward to begin the flanking move, while the ESU pushed forwards, increasing speed to close the gap faster. The ships ended relatively close, that is to say, with range band 1, or within 12000kms.

The ESU caught the NSL on the back foot this time, causing some serious damage to most vessels. Fire began to exchange, resulting in two NSL casualties - the frigate Alberic and the light Cruiser Rhume - with only one ESU casualty - the Destroyer Juyin. The ESU also suffered serious damage on the left, with the DD Chakhan Tatar and CH Ilya Muromets drifting out of control.

The NSL have fewer ships at this point, but the ESU vessels are suffering serious damage to all systems across the fleet. The only ships untouched by fire is the ESU BC  Zhao Xu and FF Rachmaninoff; and the NSL DD Hretha and CH Rhine.

The third turn saw the crossover of fleet positions. The NSL, feeling confidant in eliminating the left flank, turned to face the right and poured all remaining power into the main drive. The centre began to slow down to hold off the right flank. The ESU attempted to slow to manoeuvre, but in fact sped up along will all ships. But as this point, the majority of ships are easily within the 12000km range.

The ESU continued with the initiative and immediately took out the remaining NSL FF Brunhild before it could fire. The ESU FF Chen Yi, and CL Dobrynya Nikitchboth were destroyed with only minor damage to NSL vessels. The ESU is now on the back foot after this round of poor shooting. Despite this, the crew of the ESU CH has rerouted controls and regained control over the vessel. Although it has minimum thrust, it will be enough to bring to bear whatever weapons it has left. The remaining DD, however, could not recover its controls and continued to sail another 10000km, effectively unable to remain in the combat zone.

The last round began with some close manoeuvring on the right. The two opposing CHs turned to face each other with less than 3000kms between each other. The remaining NSL vessels made a beeline towards the untouched ESU BC. The ESU changed facing and attempted to compensate for the increased velocity but managed to bring guns to bear on the NSL in a last ditch attack run.

The ESU BC Zhao Xu committed all fire upon the NSL BC Marcuse in an attempt to cripple the vessel but was unable to do any significant damage. In return the Marcuse ignored its assailant and focused all fire on the last remaining ESU CL - destroying it in one volley. Lastly, the wounded ESU CH fired its remaining weapons upon the untouched NSL CH with little effect. And in return it received so much damage it exploded into an enormous cloud of debris, showering the Rhine in a satisfying plink, click and tunk.

At this point the ESU has lost over 50% and the admiral surrendered his fleet to the victorious NSL.


Ground Zero Games Full Thrust New Swabian League (NSL) (dark) & Eurasian Solar Union (ESU) (light)

these are the two intro armies i got from the GZG website. the intro fleets are not bad in value. each came with a battle cruiser, heavy cruiser, 2 light cruisers, 2 destroyers and 2 frigates. there is not much in the line of specialist ships (ie. scouts, gunships, carriers etc), but what these fleets offer is a good introduction into the rules and combat functions. i am looking forward to introducing this to my local gaming club and to have this as a more common game played.

the models look nice. they are neither too detailed or too simple and can offer  much to the imagination (as the game rules encourages designing your own ships). this means that if i design a destroyer with different armaments etc, i could technically use the same model as there is no unique visible weapons etc. just some basic turrets and some suggestive weapon holes etc.

the NSL have that nice 1940s, battleship kinda look. which i am a sucker for. i love the heavy armour and slow moving behemoths that this faction likes to field. the ESU has less armour, but greater weapons and engine power. i like the fluff of the ESU (Chinese funded communist revolution in Russia in the early 21st century). the ships are a more winged, flat design which look cool from above but are really flat. both factions are different in ship design and play style and i hope this brings some interest to the game :D (also not to mention that you can just build your own ships, using models from other companies, or making your own *shrugs*).

for some infos:


so i’m working on a thing. i have ordered two intro navies for the game Full Thrust. i have just gone full thrust myself on making terrain etc to show off the game to friends.

once i get my models and begin painting, i will begin thinking about a scenario for the combat to make sense. i am thinking of a small border skirmish over the ownership of this backwater colony. victory conditions (and a way to have fun with the movement rules (vector movement) of the game) is to hold a ‘zone’ which represents a blockade for the planet (as in no enemy ships can get close to the planet because it is defended). this means that both navies do not have to destroy each other (since a small skirmish is not worth the destruction of a fleet).

anyway, about the space table-thing, i got some black material and splattered paint on it. that is all. :D



Couldn’t wait. So i used the ti3 ships to explore full thrust rules. And it is so easy :-) i rarely looked at the rules for clarification since its so simple :-)

[edit: the spreadsheets and cards are all home made. the spreadsheet tracks movement (up to 15 turns) and comes with a key of movement codes for ease of reference. the cards on the bottom is a legacy from warmachine  - that there is a ease of reference and tracking info in front of the player instead of another separate spreadsheet. the tracking cards show ship health, weapons, drives etc.

the clock face and wheels show the headings/facings and fire arcs for the ships and the little tokens with arrows show the vector/course of the ships.  oh and the orange ball is meant to be a planet in the far distance… and something to maneuver around]

[edit edit: i know this isn’t painted miniatures, but i figure i could expand this blog to the game i play too :D]

ive been a little busy but i have made some orders of some models ‘n stuff! i really want to paint something, so stay tuned. also, i have not abandoned this blog. i am experiencing a painting drought at the moment.



sooooo… ive been reading up on this nice little space combat simulator tabletop miniatures game called “full Thrust" (revised rules can be found here). (all these downloadable rules are free so nothing illegal going on here; move along…)

i attempted some maneuvering using the vectored movement rules (a way of simulating space physics) and i though it would be quite difficult to understand the concept. but once it was on the table and i could see the objects move, it became relatively easy.

it was good to see how i increased the velocity of my ships to get within weapons range asap only to discover that after only one volley… the ships were hurtling at 18” towards the table edge… again, i used this as an opportunity to try and navigate a turn about action. one ship turned 180 degrees and went full thrust (see what i did here? =p) in hope to recover. the other ship attempted a curved vector resulting in a massive arc swinging at 10-15” per turn eventually finding itself going all around the table before recovering.

both ships, now at a more manageable speed (6-8”) got back into weapons range and unloaded. one ship chipped away at the armour of the other, while in return suffering major damage. starboard level 2 beams and level one screens were destroyed; and what’s worst was that the power core went critical. unfortunately the crew could not stabilize the core and the ship exploded with 1/2 hit boxes remaining on the ship.

with more ships, an actual opponent, and a little narrative, i can easily see this game being a favourate. just the movement mechanics make it fun at the least (seeing your ship hurtling towards the edge of the board while struggling to decelerate and maneuver back to the fight was great!).

i ordered two starter/intro navies - the New Swabian League (Germans) and the Eurasian Solar Union (Communist Russia & China). now to develop an interesting intro scenario that reflects the fluff and engages the players (and to practice the crazy fun vector movement rules!)

Eureka miniatures vikings

Real nice minis. A pleasure to paint. Im painting these up for saga. Not sure what faction im going for, but who cares; these models are sweet!


oops! ive been reblogging with the wrong account. sorry guys for the non-model related posts ^^;;